Little Learners has been fantastic in supporting our transition process from Kinder to Prep. Their school readiness program has certainly helped prepare children for school. The teachers work with us willingly to ensure a smooth transition process. The children appreciate the follow up visits in Prep and absolutely love saying hello to their kinder teachers again! We look forward to working with Little Learners for many years to come.

Grace Lucic
Deputy Principal – School Community & Organisation
St Francis of Assisi Primary School

Can I please say that I have reviewed your letter [about fee schedule update) and want to give a big thank you to Michelle and the staff and management at Little Learners. Thank you for taking the initiative and helping people to navigate and understand what is admittedly a somewhat confusing CCR structure, and making it easier by implementing a 10-hour day structure. As a family who has their child in the centre for most of your 12 opening hours every day, the idea that we would not be getting a rebate for those extra 2 (essential) hours a day seemed ridiculous,

Everyone does such a great job with the children at the centre, and when I read letters like this [about the fee schedule update] it makes me so happy that we found a place that genuinely cares for the families that use your service.

Thank You.
Brooke & Craig Cussans

As the year comes to a close. I want to thank you and your dedicated team of teachers and staff for everything your school has done for my family this year.

I especially want to call out your support staff Kellie and Princess (and I’m 100% sure I’m forgetting someone) for being super patient and supportive with all my endless account queries. You truly have an excellent team!

To Ben’s (and once upon a time Jude’s) fabulous teachers, I don’t even know how to express this in words; but I am eternally grateful to Mukta, Mel, Abby and Reena, Ben’s extended moms and teachers for absolutely everything! These teachers are so dedicated in their care and learning. It’s hard not to see their efforts shine through in Ben’s behaviour and learning progress! He started writing at aged 4 for goodness sake! While it would be lovely to think he could be a smart kid I have absolutely no doubt that his learning achievements, manners, and pure happiness has everything to with the love and support he is provided under their care!

Last but definitely not least, I want to thank you, for running such an excellent school and obviously for picking such a great team to do it with.

1 100k forward to 2019, but am also sad that this will be Ben’s last year.

Kind regards,

I have had all of my children attend Little Learners over the past 6 years and one still attending now! I have been truly amazed at the dedication of all the staff! They are amazing with the children, creating a safe, warm and welcoming environment! The facilities are amazing creating fantastic learning spaces that continually change to keep the children interested and engaged!

The staff have always had my Children’s best interest at heart, and have developed great relationships with them. I have always felt comfortable in interacting with any of the staff regarding my child! It has been reassuring to know my children are being 100k after with such great care while I am unable to be with them! I highly recommend Little Learners.

Fiona Kelly

We began our lovely partnership with Little Learners in 2016 when Samuel started in the then 3-year old kinder Crocodile Room with Mutka. She nurtured our introverted young man as her own and worked with him to build his confidence in engaging with his peers and other educators. The management team and fellow educators were amazing in managing an overbearing anxious mother reassuring me that Samuel would be fine and not only was Samuel fine he flourished to become a confident little young man.

Continuing under the wonderful guidance and love with Gillian and Linda in the Parrot Room Samuel took on the role as a leader with his peers and confidently expressed his views and opinions. Seeing Samuel graduate Little Learners in 2017 to take on the huge world of primary school we could not be prouder of how far Samuel progressed into the fine young preppy student with some of the Primary school staff aware of the high standards that Little Learners possess and employ in educating, nurturing and supporting our young generation.

Our second blessing Christian started in 2016 as a 10-month old bub with Kellie and has matured into a very confident and boisterous nearly four-year old under the loving support of Julie and encouragement and nurture of Melissa in the Kokkaburra room….needless to say Christian has a teacher crush on ‘Milissa’

They say for children to nourish a mother needs the support of her ‘village’. Although I don’t have the traditional family ‘village’, I have found my supportive ‘village’ in the beautiful ladies at Little Learners….nothing is a bother and there is always reassurance and a smile whenever I have hit a parent hurdle. To say thank you doesn’t feel adequate to demonstrate the amount of appreciation and love I and my boys have for the centre….

Thank you Michelle and her team on continuing to foster amazing partnerships with families in the last 10 years here to the next decade and many more.

Lui, Ange, Samuel & Christian Ragusa

My family and I have been a part of the Little Learners ‘family’ for over 4 years now with my eldest son in his final year in their 4 Year old kinder room (Penguin) and my youngest son in the 2 year old room (Platypus). Along our journey we have met many of the staff and each and every one of them greets both of my boys with a warm and welcoming manner.

As a parent, it is always very hard to leave your young children in the care of others and although both boys had some separation issues. I knew that each day they were at Little Learners they were going to be loved and cared for as if they were family and that when I picked them up at the end of the day. I would be able to hear about how wonderful their day was. The staff at the centre are absolutely amazing, constantly going above and beyond to ensure that each child’s needs are met. They are kind, caring, compassionate and loving and treat each child as if they were their own. Communication from the staff is excellent. Each day an educator from the room lets me know exactly what both of the boys did during the day. Their accomplishments, how much food they ate and what sort of a day they have had. On top of this, my favourite time of the year is by far the end of the year when each of the boys are presented with a portfolio of the work they have done throughout the year. This provides not only myself, but all of my family, an opportunity to share in the boys accomplishments. The portfolio also comes with a DVD of all of the pictures the centre has taken of the boys over the year.

Michelle, the centre director and Princess the assistant director lead by example and are always putting the children’s needs first. My oldest son does not handle change very well and becomes very shy around new people. One thing that I have noticed is that at Little Learners, when the children move up to a new room, as they get older, there is always one staff member who will either follow them up from their previous room or a member who has been in one of their earlier rooms to ensure that transition is as least stressful for both the children and families as possible. The 4 Year old kinder program in the Penguin room where my eldest attends is sensational. Nav the kinder teacher, as well as Bharathi, Steph and Amal, runs a wonderful program which engages all children in their learning. She organises excursions based on their student led projects and the progress. Timmy has made astounds me, giving me confidence in knowing he will be ready for school next year. He loves each and every day with the staff in Penguin room. Even the younger children are engaged in learning. In the Platypus room, Indrish and her team continuously meet the needs of Benny and his friends by running programs based on their interests. At the beginning of the year, Benny became excited to see a helicopter ny over which lead the room to a program about transportation. He absolutely loved it. The progress, both academically and socially, my children have made while at Little Learners is phenomenal. I cannot recommend the centre highly enough and I know that Timmy is going to miss Little Learners when he is in prep next year. Luckily we still have a few more years before Benny is off too!

Rebecca Sutton