We cannot thank Michelle, Mukta and the Parrot team enough for all the support our family received during this difficult year; every conversation left me feeling reassured and it’s been a real comfort to have such an excellent centre to attend. My child has truly blossomed during her time at Little Learners and we’re looking forward to sending daughter number two next year!

Thanks and kind regards

Laura Wilcox

When the COVID-19 first isolation, my son was still came to his kinder with only few children. He kept asking, “Where are my friends? Why no one coming?”. He looked sad, and I tried to explain. But Parrot room staff did such a great job, they not just talked about it, but they were use the pandemic as part of children’s learning experience, such as grateful for the frontliner worker (doctors, nurses, police officers, paramedics, teachers), germ-soup experiment, and hand wash activity.
Parrot room staff helped my son through all this pandemic, transition from busy room to quiet, and busy again, and until he had to stay at home due to stage 4 restriction. Even he had stay at home, he still enjoyed the bundle of activities that Parrot Staff had provided. Thank you for all of that Parrot staff had done for my son and me, because I feel guilty to leave him at home and play by himself while I have to go to work every day on site and my husband have to work from home and online meeting with his company every day as well. That bundles helps him to occupied and keep learning while he stays at home.

Parrot room staff also encourages all children to keep maintenance their hygiene practices, washing hands when arrive and leave the room, temperature checks, cough and sneeze on their elbow.

Thank you very much for all the teachers, especially in Parrot Room, that make all this sad condition and restrictions still as a fun environment for my son to explore and come every day.
Keep going the good job. And happy heing a part of Parrot room.

Thank you and best regards,
Linda T

I want to express my sincere appreciation for what a wonderful job you do in taking care of Cynthia and Luciana.
Over the past five years now I feel like I’ve truly become part of your family. I feel confident that my girls are surrounded with love and security in your care. I feel my girls are benefiting by learning the difference from right and wrong and how to behave with other children. They are very affectionate and friendly and I feel that the great part of how they behave is because of the positive atmosphere in your centre as well as the personal attention that each child gets.
I am always sure my little ones are well taken care of. Thank you especially to the Platypus and Penguin staff, you all doing such an acceptable job. Keep up the good work.

Thank you again for everything you do!

Ms Tina Cannarella

I have nothing but praise and admiration for the team at Little Learners. As we have had to navigate our way through Covid19, the beautiful educators at Little Learners have gone above and beyond day in day out. They have put themselves on the frontline to help care for our children as some of us continue to work through this Covid crisis. The centre has put plans in place to help protect their staff and our children. Extra cleaning and rotating of staff has made me feel more comfortable about sending our children to Little Learners. Our children genuinely love going and their educators have made their days filled with fun and laughter. Thank you to all the staff at Little Learners your hard work has not gone unnoticed from all your families. I am so happy that Rosie and Archie get to spend time with such dedicated and loving staff and educators.

Elyse Luscombe

We just thought of letting you know how pleased we are with Little Learners Early education. Even during the current extreme situations never did we feel unsafe handing over our twin girls (Aadhya & Adwaitha Bandari) at the Centre. Talking to our kids regularly, we understand that they like being there. Special thanks to the educators- Amandeep, Gagan & Julia (from their room Crocodile) who we feel look after the kids as family members. Also, comparing their growth from earlier months, we feel there has been good progress. Not to forget your prompt communication, really appreciate it. We thank you for your care and support, we wish to continue the same. Thank You.

Sowmya B

Just sending through an email to say thank you to all the staff at Little Learners and all the support provided to us during these crazy times.
I wanted to acknowledge all the hard work, care, and support from all staff supporting us as a family and specifically our children.
I know these are trying times for everyone and each and every day the staff have turned up for the children when I am sure it is a difficult and uncertain time for them and their own families.
The hygiene practices and teachings to the children have been excellent! The educators have done an amazing job with helping the kids feel safe and reassured in these times. Special shout out to Manpreet, Jess and Mansoureh from Platypus Room and Mukta, Linda, Kalpana and Manjeet from Parrot Room! They have all been amazing and they all truly care about the kids, and I appreciate each and every one of them and I will do whatever I can to also support them during these times. Mukta has been awesome and has sent us some activities to do at home to keep up with their letter of the week which Evie has found so exciting that she can continue her kinder work from home!
The girls in the office have been great and so quick to answer any questions we have, and I also wanted to thank you for always keeping us updated and always taking the time out to discuss any concerns or questions we have had regarding our own situations!

Hope you all stay safe and healthy and we hope to see you all soon!
Thanks again,


This communication will serve to advise you of our approval regarding the hygiene practices implemented at little learners.
We as grandparents have observed on numerous occasions how our child Perseus has been taught correct procedures for self hygiene, also the times and circumstances which necessitate administration as such.
During this frightening time of relentless sickness and death in the community, we feel singularly consoled and reassured in the fact that our grandson is in very good hands.
Extended thanks for a job well done and the vigilance exercised by your educators.

Charles D

My son Saxon has been attending Little Learners platypus room since March 2020 and I can’t recommend this child care enough! It’s fantastic!! The staff are amazing.. loving and caring & very professional, they go above and beyond to ensure my son is in the best care.. even during these COVID times I’ve always felt my son is safe & in good hands. The centre has 5 star hygiene practices making sure that everyone is in a safe environment & have been so helpful in any needs I might have during these hard times.
Thank you to all the team at
Little learners you guys are amazing!!!!

Kelly D

I would like to share some of my thoughts and feelings about the centre and say how great it is in all aspects.
I really don’t know where to start , because I can’t talk enough about how wonderful you and all the other educators were in the last few months since the pandemic had started!
The overall strategy of the centre with regard to personal hygiene and the centre cleanliness was very effective and helped to keep the children, parents and the centre staff safe and healthy in this tough time.
I must say that we “as parents” can’t imagine how difficult it is to keep everything running the normal way while trying to maintain the social distance and monitor every possible simple change.
The educators were amazing in creating new ideas for fun activities, kept the children entertained while continuing to learn new skills without feeling the stress and the bad effects of the current situation.
The educators has implemented a high sense of hygiene in our kids because “the washing and sanitising hands” was the most emphasised topic over the last period and the centre didn’t save any effort to help all children as well as parents at the drop of and pick up times to maintain high levels of hygiene by providing sanitiser at the front door in addition to new sink installed to remind all to keep hand clean even though it was hard to find sanitiser in the markets. Checking people temperature before entering the centre was proofed to be a good strategy as well to avoid allowing any possible patient to the children’s rooms which what is still keeping our children safe.
I would like to thank again all educators for their continual effort to take care of the children and keep them safe during this global crisis, special thanks to Bilby room staff (Mahesha, Abby, Reena, Emily and Saadia) and big thanks to Jessy, Emilia, Tissa, Julia and Reena) for being just wonderful all the time.
The biggest thanks is to you Michelle for being there for us whenever we needed you , thank you for finding the time to reach out to all the families and offer the help in every possible way during this difficult time.
I hope we will get through this distress together and everything will go back to normal soon.
Stay safe and healthy.


I would like to use this time to thank you & all the staff in Little Learners for their ongoing support and excellent care they provide.
Ever since the Covid pandemic started, I sent my child to the center with complete trust as I was witnessed to the high level of hygiene and care. The frequent cleaning and supervision was truly reassuring.
Also, I would like to thank Platypus room educators who still follow up on our well-being even though Dayan is not attending atm.
We can’t wait for the second lockdown to be over and be back.


I am a mother of two children who currently attend Little Learners Early Education. Throughout my whole experience with the early learning centre, I have witnessed nothing but exceptional service – not just in the way the educators teach and care for my children but across all the centre’s operations.
During this COVID-19 pandemic, the educators, office staff and the Little Learners Director – Michelle, have gone above and beyond to make the childrens’ safety their priority and to stay connected with parents.
The educators have ensured there is as much normality in the children’s learning curriculum and daily activities while at the same time explaining to the children what is currently happening around the world and how important it is to practice good hygiene.
The centre consistently keeps us up to date with the latest news, government announcements and changes that have impacted the early learning centre.
Little Learners are always proactive in implementing changes in the centre as soon as new COVID-19 restriction measures are enforced. The centre installed a sink at the front entrance and placed generously sized hand sanitisers at the front gate, foyer and in all the learning rooms. Every time I take the children to care, I always see staff wiping doors, cleaning windows and mopping floors.
Little Learners rapidly implemented the use of temperature checks for all children and parents entering the centre. This is conducted in the front foyer and in the learning rooms. The centre has also ensured that unwell children do not attend the centre and must receive a clearance certificate from the GP before returning to care.
As a parent, I feel the measures the centre has put in place have made me feel assured and at ease knowing that my children are safe, well looked after and in a clean environment whilst I work.
While the pandemic has been a struggle for many, I am grateful for my childrens’ continual growth and development and the wonderful memories they share with their educators and peers they so proudly talk about when they return from care.
Thank you so much Michelle, the office staff and all the educators for the continual commitment towards our children’s learning and development and for your on-going support to us parents during this difficult time.

Joanna W

Hi Michelle and the whole Little Learners team,

Me and my family would like to thank you all for the care our children have been receiving, as always, but most especially during this time (Covid19).

As an essential worker, I am a nurse in one of the biggest not for profit hospitals in Melbourne. I have always, without a doubt, felt that my kids are safe in your hands. The fact that there are washing stations and alcohol rubs by the entrance, and now temperature checks for everyone entering the centre, and reminding everyone to social distance, are great initiatives to keep our children and the community safe.

My eldest knows about the corona virus and how washing his hands are very important in stopping the spread of the disease. He also sneezes and coughs at his elbow. These are vital information for them, even at a very young age. This virus will be part of this generation’s lives. Good and correct education is critical in protecting themselves and the community.

So, THANK YOU and keep it up! You are the frontliners of the frontliners. We cannot work if you are not there to care for our little humans.

Lilian Yangot

Throughout these difficult times of Covid-19, Little Learners has been a lifesaver for us. Not only does having our son continue at their centre allow us both to easily work from home, it provided a constant in his life at a time of many changes. The educators have been proactive about teaching the children about Coronavirus, germs and the importance of good hygiene, which has helped us immensely at home. And it’s been a relief to see the additional cleaning and sanitisation measures they have put into place. We can rest easy knowing that our son is safe and happy while he is at Kinder


Little Learners have been a great support through these uncertain times. Every step of the way they have been on top of health and safety procedures and constantly communicating new updates. The staff have been amazing, from the teachers educating my 4 year old about germs and hygiene to the office staff helping with any concerns or questions about fees. Michelle (the director) is always offering support and finding ways to help if we financially need it. I have felt confident leaving my 2 girls at Little Learners knowing they are in great hands


Little Learners has been very supportive during the lockdown. My husband and I have had to work from home so we had to increase our children’s days. The staff & educators have normalised hand washing, sanitisation and talked about germs in age appropriate terms. With all the restrictions there is so much we cannot do with our children at the moment like go to the playgrounds and shops, but Little Learners has provided a safe environment for our children to play, learn and explore in a safe and happy environment.


Little Learners has continued to provide exceptional and safe cafe for my 4 year old during the Covid pandemic. Knowing that my husband and myself can continue to work while she is in a safe and secure environment is a weight off my mind. Not only has the centre implemented safe operating policies for the staff and children but my little girl is continuing to learn about the virus and what she can do to help stop the spread. Her level of anxiety around Covid has disappeared thanks to the amazing care by Little Learners. Special thanks to Mukta, Linda, Manjeet and Kalpana in the Parrot room!


During this Pandemic and these difficult times, it has been very difficult on everyone. Our children are learning a new way of living as much as we are. A lot of business temporarily closed, and people isolated themselves in their homes. “Little Learners” never closed. The staff went on doing their job as they would normally do – and that’s “looking after our children”. My daughter Mikayla who attends the Penguin room missed about 4 weeks of care at the beginning of the pandemic. I was too scared and unsure of what to do as she has a low immune system. She then went back to Little learners, and she is still currently attending 5 days per week in this second wave. I have definitely raised my concerns whether to keep sending her or not, and I have spoken to the educators regarding this. Nav has assured me that they disinfect 3 times a day, like the toilets and door handles etc, and they are doing everything they can to keep the centre safe for everybody. Hand washing and sanitizing has always been available and I feel even more confident now that temperature checks are being done on every adult and child that walks through the door – as well as face masks are being worn by most staff and parents on drop offs and pick ups.
I could not be happier with all the staff at Little Learners for everything they do and making me feel confident to send my daughter to the centre in these difficult times.


I just want to take the time to thank the whole team at little learners. As a health care worker, working in a major hospital, it has been so reassuring to have my family cared by such kind and caring staff. The implementations during covid to create a safe and hygienic daycare have been beyond exceptional. All protocols have been followed and the center has kept up to date with the latest health advice for daycare centers. The teachers have helped educated and ease the stress amongst our little ones. The office staff have been amazing especially answering all the questions regarding fees, attendance and nothing is too much to ask of them. I have always admired the hard working team of little learners but during these tough times they have proven that there number one goal is to provide amazing care for our children. Thanks for everything. We appreciate you.


Michelle and the staff at Little Learners have been amazing throughout this hard time we are currently going through. I feel extremely safe and comfortable having my children in their care. Hand sanitizer available throughout the center, hand washing facilities at the entry and I’ve even seen the girls cleaning door handles!! Not to mention their dedication in teaching the children good hand hygiene. My 1 year old now knows how to sanitise his hands!!
Michelle went above and beyond to help me with my financial issues, constantly inviting me into her office for meetings to help make it possible for me to keep my children enrolled. Can not speak highly enough about little learners , Michelle and all the educators.

Laura P

Anxieties throughout this time is understandable as it is a time filled with great uncertainty and fears for our loved ones. Part of my anxieties are placed at ease when sending my daughter to the centre as they have been implementing good infection control procedures. This includes hand sanitisers at front entrances, staff checking temperatures of everyone attending the premises, assistance to have child brought to or from the room if caregiver is unwell, education to the children about the virus, screen at front reception, up to date communication and adherence to government advice, and designated number of children at various play areas. In doing so, it has not affected my daughters development but rather continued to prepare her to commence school next year. It has provided her a sense of normality during a time that is unpresented. Big thanks to everyone at the centre, particularly her fabulous teachers, Chisa, Nasrin, and Emilienne.


Little Learners have made my family feel at ease throughout this pandemic period. They have implemented a range of processes that are keeping our kids safe. The hand hygiene station and mandatory temperature checks are a great safety check upon entry. Masks will now be worn by parents in the centre and by staff in settings other than the teaching spaces. My husband and I know that our children are in safe hands whilst being with their friends and in their learning environment.

Michelle R

Each and every staff member at Little Learners have helped put my mind at ease when dropping my baby off at childcare. Being an unsettling time for everyone, it was a decision made easy for us to continue childcare.
When hand sanisters sold out, Little Learners placed a hand washing station at the entrance. When the number of cases increased, Little Learners checked temperatures of everyone at the entrance. It goes to show that they are doing everything they can to not only keep our children safe, but protecting everyone that comes through their doors.


Through such a tough time for all, Little Learners has done such an amazing job with their care and support for both children and parents.
Every time I enter the centre, my son and myself are able to wash and sanitise our hands, greeted by great staff checking temperatures and visible cleaning constantly being done, putting my mind instantly at ease.
Thank you to all the staff and management for their hard work and always readily available to answer all questions and concerns.

Glenn F

My daughter has been attending Little Learners for 2 years. She is a real “Daddy’s girl” and my wife and I were very picky when choosing an education centre. We fell in love the minute we walked in! We were greeted with happy faces and admin staff that genuinely made us feel comfortable. Being fist time parents the staff automatically put us at ease and soon they were a hot topic at the dinner table when my daughter would discuss her day! My wife and I are both essential workers – Luckily for us our workplace increased our hours and Little Learners easily accommodated our daughter for extra days! they even offered to drop off and pick up my daughter from our home!! I guarantee you will not get this kind of quality anywhere else! Everyone who works there is an extension of our family and we are truly grateful for that!

Jesse W

There are no words to describe my gratitude and thanks to the incredible team of educators at Little Learners who have gone above and beyond as we navigate the uncharted waters that are Covid-19.
The safety measures put in place have been beyond sufficient and reassuring. As an essential worker who has had to continue to access the facility I am so grateful for this.
Beyond the safety measures the individual support is simply incredible. Being able to call the centre, ask questions and be reassured through such uncertain times has been invaluable and appreciated. My little learners are blessed to be apart of the Little Learners community.

Melissa L

Little Learners has exceeded our family’s expectations of a child care centre before and during this covid-19 pandemic. We live 35minutes away from the centre and this drive feels easy because of the peace of mind we have when we drop our son off. We have been at Little Learners (LL) for 3yrs now, and no, we didn’t always live far but when we moved house, we genuinely could not find another child care centre that could match LL standards.

What makes LL stand out for us? Firstly, the staff, every single one of them. They welcome you with a smile as soon as you arrive. They are all genuinely friendly and once you meet the manager Michelle, it all makes sense why the atmosphere and energy is so positive at LL. Michelle works hard for the LL children and this reflects in all the teachers. They are all so dedicated not to only our son, but each child is treated like their own and is supported in each stage of their growth.

Covid-19 shook the world and brought so many uncertainties. But I can assure anyone that our family has never doubted that our child was safe at LL. The communication and transparency with us was and is still top class. As a health care professional who works in a managerial position, I have a critical eye for communication and most of all safety as a whole. Michelle and her team have gone above and beyond to ensure that the children are kept safe through this pandemic. They have taught the children the importance of hand hygieneas well as cough and sneeze etiquette. Support for parents has just been amazing.
I was also super impressed with how they immediately set up hand washing stations for everyone to practice good hand hygiene before entering and when leaving the centre. Sanitizer stations are easily accessible for use. LL has also implemented temperature checking for everyone including the kids and this for me is ticking big safety boxes. The centre is meeting Australian Health Departments requirements and is exceededing in their delivery.

Any questions we’ve had whether we ask via email, phone or in person, have been answered with empathy and understanding. Above all the knowledge the admin staff demonstrate when responding to us gives us confidence that our son is in good hands.

We can never thank Little Learners enough for their dedication to our kids, especially in this difficult time. You are a rare kind and we are surely blessed to have our child in your care.

Thank you.

Primrose and Tawanda Mhute

Firstly just wanted to thank Little Learners for making this whole covid situation very reassuring to us and I’m sure many other families. I felt so comfortable because your centre already had implemented such great hygiene rules long before the covid situation that I knew you had our kids best interest at heart and really amping things up to the next level! So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for continuing to make it safe for my kids to continue to come to the centre and make me feel super at ease with all the changes. Well done Michelle and team!

Nadia Sciola

Little Learners has been fantastic in supporting our transition process from Kinder to Prep.Their school readiness program has certainly helped prepare children for school.The teachers work with us willingly to ensure a smooth transition process. The children appreciate the follow up visits in Prep and absolutely love saying hello to their kinder teachers again! We look forward to working with Little Learners for many years to come.

Grace Lucic
Deputy Principal – School Community & Organisation
St Francis of Assisi Primary School

Can I please say that I have reviewed your letter [about fee schedule update) and want to give a big thank you to Michelle and the staff and management at Little Learners. Thank you for taking the initiative and helping people to navigate and understand what is admittedly a somewhat confusing CCR structure, and making it easier by implementing a 10-hour day structure. As a family who has their child in the centre for most of your 12 opening hours every day, the idea that we would not be getting a rebate for those extra 2 (essential) hours a day seemed ridiculous,

Everyone does such a great job with the children at the centre, and when I read letters like this [about the fee schedule update] it makes me so happy that we found a place that genuinely cares for the families that use your service.

Thank You.
Brooke & Craig Cussans

As the year comes to a close. I want to thank you and your dedicated team of teachers and staff for everything your school has done for my family this year.

I especially want to call out your support staff Kellie and Princess (and I’m 100% sure I’m forgetting someone) for being super patient and supportive with all my endless account queries. You truly have an excellent team!

To Ben’s (and once upon a time Jude’s) fabulous teachers, I don’t even know how to express this in words; but I am eternally grateful to Mukta, Mel, Abby and Reena, Ben’s extended moms and teachers for absolutely everything! These teachers are so dedicated in their care and learning. It’s hard not to see their efforts shine through in Ben’s behaviour and learning progress! He started writing at aged 4 for goodness sake! While it would be lovely to think he could be a smart kid I have absolutely no doubt that his learning achievements, manners, and pure happiness has everything to with the love and support he is provided under their care!

Last but definitely not least, I want to thank you, for running such an excellent school and obviously for picking such a great team to do it with.

1 100k forward to 2019, but am also sad that this will be Ben’s last year.

Kind regards,

I have had all of my children attend Little Learners over the past 6 years and one still attending now! I have been truly amazed at the dedication of all the staff! They are amazing with the children, creating a safe, warm and welcoming environment! The facilities are amazing creating fantastic learning spaces that continually change to keep the children interested and engaged!

The staff have always had my Children’s best interest at heart, and have developed great relationships with them. I have always felt comfortable in interacting with any of the staff regarding my child! It has been reassuring to know my children are being 100k after with such great care while I am unable to be with them! I highly recommend Little Learners.

Fiona Kelly

We began our lovely partnership with Little Learners in 2016 when Samuel started in the then 3-year old kinder Crocodile Room with Mutka. She nurtured our introverted young man as her own and worked with him to build his confidence in engaging with his peers and other educators. The management team and fellow educators were amazing in managing an overbearing anxious mother reassuring me that Samuel would be fine and not only was Samuel fine he flourished to become a confident little young man.

Continuing under the wonderful guidance and love with Gillian and Linda in the Parrot Room Samuel took on the role as a leader with his peers and confidently expressed his views and opinions. Seeing Samuel graduate Little Learners in 2017 to take on the huge world of primary school we could not be prouder of how far Samuel progressed into the fine young preppy student with some of the Primary school staff aware of the high standards that Little Learners possess and employ in educating, nurturing and supporting our young generation.

Our second blessing Christian started in 2016 as a 10-month old bub with Kellie and has matured into a very confident and boisterous nearly four-year old under the loving support of Julie and encouragement and nurture of Melissa in the Kokkaburra room….needless to say Christian has a teacher crush on ‘Milissa’

They say for children to nourish a mother needs the support of her ‘village’. Although I don’t have the traditional family ‘village’, I have found my supportive ‘village’ in the beautiful ladies at Little Learners….nothing is a bother and there is always reassurance and a smile whenever I have hit a parent hurdle. To say thank you doesn’t feel adequate to demonstrate the amount of appreciation and love I and my boys have for the centre….

Thank you Michelle and her team on continuing to foster amazing partnerships with families in the last 10 years here to the next decade and many more.

Lui, Ange, Samuel & Christian Ragusa

My family and I have been a part of the Little Learners ‘family’ for over 4 years now with my eldest son in his final year in their 4 Year old kinder room (Penguin) and my youngest son in the 2 year old room (Platypus). Along our journey we have met many of the staff and each and every one of them greets both of my boys with a warm and welcoming manner.

As a parent, it is always very hard to leave your young children in the care of others and although both boys had some separation issues. I knew that each day they were at Little Learners they were going to be loved and cared for as if they were family and that when I picked them up at the end of the day. I would be able to hear about how wonderful their day was. The staff at the centre are absolutely amazing, constantly going above and beyond to ensure that each child’s needs are met. They are kind, caring, compassionate and loving and treat each child as if they were their own. Communication from the staff is excellent. Each day an educator from the room lets me know exactly what both of the boys did during the day. Their accomplishments, how much food they ate and what sort of a day they have had. On top of this, my favourite time of the year is by far the end of the year when each of the boys are presented with a portfolio of the work they have done throughout the year. This provides not only myself, but all of my family, an opportunity to share in the boys accomplishments. The portfolio also comes with a DVD of all of the pictures the centre has taken of the boys over the year.

Michelle, the centre director and Princess the assistant director lead by example and are always putting the children’s needs first. My oldest son does not handle change very well and becomes very shy around new people. One thing that I have noticed is that at Little Learners, when the children move up to a new room, as they get older, there is always one staff member who will either follow them up from their previous room or a member who has been in one of their earlier rooms to ensure that transition is as least stressful for both the children and families as possible. The 4 Year old kinder program in the Penguin room where my eldest attends is sensational. Nav the kinder teacher, as well as Bharathi, Steph and Amal, runs a wonderful program which engages all children in their learning. She organises excursions based on their student led projects and the progress. Timmy has made astounds me, giving me confidence in knowing he will be ready for school next year. He loves each and every day with the staff in Penguin room. Even the younger children are engaged in learning. In the Platypus room, Indrish and her team continuously meet the needs of Benny and his friends by running programs based on their interests. At the beginning of the year, Benny became excited to see a helicopter ny over which lead the room to a program about transportation. He absolutely loved it. The progress, both academically and socially, my children have made while at Little Learners is phenomenal. I cannot recommend the centre highly enough and I know that Timmy is going to miss Little Learners when he is in prep next year. Luckily we still have a few more years before Benny is off too!

Rebecca Sutton