South Morang Kindergarten For 3 & 4 Years


We’ll have your child school-ready, resilient and ready to take on the world.

Kindergarten Programs for 3 and 4 Year
Olds in South Morang

Little Learners Early Education is a private kindergarten (preschool) providing a safe, secure and active learning environment for children in South Morang, Epping, Mill Park, Mernda and across North Melbourne. We offer full day and sessional kindergarten programs for all 3 year old and 4 year old children.

Head start curriculum

Child led education. Child led decisions to build agency and confidence. All our rooms, regardless of age, work towards developing the foundation skills your child needs for the next stage of their journey. Programming is age (or developmentally) appropriate and always focused on developing children through play to their full potential during these critical early years. Our educators work together to ensure all children transition smoothly between rooms and continue to progress with their readiness skills. Your child’s learning journey begins on their first day with us, whatever age that may be.


Our kindergarten programs run for a full day, not a few hours. This allows us to focus on all areas of your child’s development including resilience, sense of agency (SA) and readiness skills (foundation skills). Our full day program also allows additional time to develop any emerging skills, an area most sessional kindergarten programs (including those at private early learning centres in Melbourne) don’t have the capacity to address. Your child will be educated to a higher level and will have higher emotional and social development with us. We have the time to focus on exceeding all school requirements and achieve this each and every year. Therefore with us, they’ll be better prepared for the transition to school and school interviews than through any other sessional kindergarten programme.

3 year old Kindergarten

In addition to our government approved 4 year old kindergarten (preschool) programme, we also run an advanced3 year old kindergarten programme. This is designed to give our children the very best head start to be ready not only for school, but also for the world.Our 3 year old children learn to investigate, explore and be challenged in a physical and social environment. Confident and engaged children become emotionally resilient and learn empathy. Now they are life ready!


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